Bridal Gown Search

When shopping for your bridal gown this can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack there are so many options which are overwhelming and over 2500 bridal gown styles are created by more than 60 nationally recognized designers each year. These bridal gowns are available through 6500 bridal shops, salons, and department stores across the country. In addition, hundreds of regional, local designers, and dressmakers contribute to at least 3000 more styles of the bridal gown to add to the design pool.

Do your homework

First you will need to do a little legwork to find your on style of gown. It's important to obtain information and evaluate your opinions before you cross through the door of even one bridal store. This can save you a great deal of time and aggravation. Before you start to shop, study the bridal magazines. View the websites of as many designers as possible. Web addresses are often included in the magazine ads or in the shopping guides on the back of most magazines. Start to take notes make a list of what designers you like best, and the specific styles that appeal to you.

Store recommendations

Next, ask as many people as possible for store recommendations in your area and about their shopping experiences in particular. This will help you narrow your list of shops to visit. Check with the Better Business Bureau about complaints, but don't use that as your only stop. Most often, word of mouth and references from friends you trust will help you pick places to shop.

Start Early

Give yourself plenty of time to find your gown. Many brides to began their shopping immediately after getting engaged and devote roughly six to eight weeks for the search of their bridal gown. The typical bride tries on 15 to 20 gowns before making a buying decision. Remember this is just an average. Some women purchase a gown on the first visit. Others agonize over this process for months. Each day is a another source of bridal gowns to take a look at.


Bridal Gown Fitting

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