Cheap wedding invitation

Saving Money

If you're a budget-savvy couple, you're probably looking to save money wherever you can. One area you should try to save money is with your wedding Invitations.

Don't think you need to buy flimsy paper. You can still have an elegant but cheap wedding invitation.

First you will need paper such as a creamy white or ivory heavy cotton paper.

Make sure you use black ink. A good tip is to bargin hunt for clarence and sales on speality paper this will truly give you a big savings for cheap wedding invitations.

Next the measurement of the paper should be 5 X 7 inches for a folded sheet of 4 3/8 X 5 ¾ inches for a single sheet.Use engraved or thermograph depending on your budget.

Next make sure you enclose a response card with an addressed and stamped return envelope.

Be sure to number the back of each response card and keep a numbered list of your invitees. This way, if someone forgets to put his or her name on the card, you’re not left guessing.

Unless all of your guests are local, or you’ve sent out directions save the date cards, include a map clearly outlining how to get to the ceremony and reception sites, along with a set of written instructions from various directions.

It’s a nice touch to have these cards printed on a matching paper along with the invitation, but you could use preprinted directions provided by the travel web sites instead.

When you get done doing a lot of this work yourself on your printer you will see how much of your wedding invitation you would have saved.

Extras and embellishments

Should you choose, there are many creative options to the classic invitation. Perhaps you’d prefer a simple square sheet; a tall , narrow folded card; or a delicate rag paper adorned with a tassel of ribbons.

Some couples today select pretty papers, colorful illustrations, photos, even three dimensional decorations such as pearls, silk, or dried flowers, or ribbons for embellishment.

You can also opt for a nontraditional typeface, especial if your wedding plans are casual or modern. All of these details, however , often inflate the cost – you must ask yourself do you still want to cut costs or not.

Additional inserts are another way to personalize your invitation.

If you’re having assigned seating for the ceremony, you might include a printed pew card within the ribbon card, explaining where the guest should sit.

Depending on the formality of your invitation, you may even want to include hotel and tourist information for local sights that your out-of –town guests might want to explore. Remember,through, that each affects your budget as to whether or not you want to cut costs on your · Invitations and the amount of postage you’ll need.

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