Quick Tips for Writing the Thank You Cards

Sometimes as a newlywed you have so many things to get done after the wedding is over it can be overwhelming.

These quick tips should be helpful to keep you organized to send out your thank you cards.

Create a writing area just for your thank you cards. One could get some small cards, pens, stamps, and your wedding gift list and store everything in a small area so that when you are ready you can work on your thank you cards everything that you need will be in one place.

Also by working in your writing area you be able to finish out a note quickly and efficiently without giving yourself any reasons for procrastination.

Write thank you cards as soon as you receive the wedding gifts. It is better to write your thank cards ASAP while everything is still fresh in your mind.

Many etiquette experts say that brides have up to four weeks after the wedding, it will be less stressful to work on them a couple at a time when your time permits.

Saving time To save time on finding addresses again for future uses create a column on your computer program and organize your invitation list there (example excel).

Remember if you don’t have the time ask your husband to help out, remember you both are in this marriage together.