Your wedding invitations don’t have to cost a fortune. You can have beautiful, quality wedding invitations at affordable prices - How? Make your own inexpensive wedding invitations! If you have a computer, a printer and Microsoft Word (which usually comes already installed on most computers)you can make some really great invitations.

Designing and printing your own invitations is not hard at all. You can really become very creative; best of all it will save you money which will allow you total creative freedom.

When creating your invitations, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The Invitation should be simple and to the point. Your invitation should inform your guests of the date, time, location, and the hosts of your wedding. You may also include reception information if you choose. (Reception to follow at - time & location)

Unless you are having a very formal wedding, pretty much anything can go with your invitation these days.

Writing your own verses

Try writing your own verses – forget about those old formal verses.

Use your favorite clip art, photos, or design your own graphics.

There is nothing saying your card has to be square. Make it in the shape of a heart if you want to.

You could even design your invitation to look like theatre tickets or dance tickets with a tear off stub for a "save a date" reminder!

Another popular idea is to use postcard for RSVP's. This saves you money on postage and envelopes.

The design of your wedding invitations will give your guests a glimpse of the tone of your wedding celebration. With that in mind, match your invitation to your theme! You don’t have use a serious formal invitation for your wedding theme. Make sure your guests know what to expect!

More invitation ideas

Once you choose your design, keep it constant throughout your invitations and wedding programs.

All you need to do is purchase card stock paper, which is thicker than normal printer paper to print your invitations on. Cardstock paper and envelopes can be found at any paper supply or office supply store.

Have fun with this project! Use your imagination! Think of the money you will save and the satisfaction you will get from having creating your very own wedding invitations!

Also you can save money by purchasing card stock for your thank you cards also.

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